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do you mean mehelen or do you mean Mechelen 你的意思mehelen或者你的意思梅赫伦首先是一个女人的名字,也有很多海伦第二个是一个小镇在比利时,欧洲

in front of

Hello,I'm Mike.That's my girlfriend Helen. 翻译:你好,我是迈克。那是我的女朋友海伦。

Je m'appelle Hélène; Mon prénom francais est Hélène

Look!This is Helen's room. Her bed is near the window, a quilt and a doll is on the bed.What color is her bed? It's her favourite color--purple.There some books and a pen on the dresser. I like watching TV.The TV isbefore the b...

My name is Helen

Dear Helen, I’m happy to get your e-mail. Helen I’d like to be your friend. There are three people in my family: my father, mother and me. We live together in Changsha, Hunan. My father is an officer, and as a result he is very...


first name就是前面的名字,选A

(1)Helen下午遇见Miss Huang,并和她打招呼. H: Good afternoon, Miss Huang. M: Good afternoon, Helen. (2)Mr Gao指着一幅地图,让Dale拼写。 M:Can you spell the word 'map', Dale? D:Yes. M-A-P. (3)Alice拿着一枝钢笔,问Grace...


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